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Some optical and vision stores focus more on fashion than vision care. Some more on vision care than fashion. SpecX is unique because we have found a way to combine both our passion for vision care and vision fashion into a one-stop-shop location for people throughout Brampton and the Greater Toronto area. For years we have been providing the very best in eye care, with the latest trends and most respected brands in vision fashion. We employ competent, experienced optometrists and opticians, so you can rest assured that your vision is always in good hands.

Eyesight is Our Most Crucial Sense

Out of all the six senses, most people would likely agree that vision is the most crucial. A life without taste and touch would certainly not be as rich, and a life without sound, it is hard to put into words what that would be like, but a life without good vision - without being able to see and appreciate all of the beautiful things around us, not to mention all of the day-to-day things that would be impossible - is a truly depressing thought. That is the philosophy which guides our approach to our customer’s eyes, glasses, and contact lenses. We want people to be able to see and appreciate the world around them, while looking great and not having to overspend to get it.

Professional Customer Service

We started our business with one goal in mind: to provide unbeatable customer service to the city of Brampton, and people all over the Greater Toronto Area. We wanted to develop meaningful, long-lasting relations where our clients would always feel comfortable coming back to SpecX for all their vision needs, and recommending that their friends and relatives do the same. We are committed to using only the best equipment, the most skilled optometrists and opticians, ordering and selling only the best, most trusted names in glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, and doing it all in a way that leaves our clients feeling great when they walk out the door.

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Welcome to SpecX Optical, a trusted name in eyecare in Brampton, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Come and see the difference experience, high quality products, and highly experienced people make to your vision, your look, and your overall quality of life.

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