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Choosing the Right Contact Lenses

The first step when choosing contact lenses is the eye exam. After a consultation with our optometrist, one of our experienced opticians will help you select the contacts that are best suited to your eyes (taking into consideration vision type and eye shape). There are two main types of common contact lens options:

● Daily wear (which come in daily, monthly, or biweekly options)
● Occasional wear for those who need them once in a while

There are also a wide range of brands that make contact lenses. Our opticians are well versed in the subtleties of and differences between each brand and can help you make the choice that best suits your eye.

Cleaning & Maintenance

If you are a first-time contact lens wearer in, there are some important cleaning and maintenance tips you will need to keep mind to ensure your eyes are well protected, and your lenses are kept in good shape. Some of the most essential of those tips are as follows:

● Always wash your hands before touching your contact lenses
● Everytime you remove your lenses from their case you should rub and rinse the inside of the container with solution (never with water or saliva)
● Next, dry the case with a clean piece of tissue and store it upside down so that no particulate matter, or dust can make its way in
● When you are ready to take your lenses out, flip the case back around, fill each container with fresh contact solution, and screw the caps on tight

Tips & Practices for Contacts

Importantly, you should never sleep with your lenses in, and avoid showering, swimming, or going in hot tubs while you have your lenses in. Always have your glasses handy should you need to discard your lenses for whatever reason.

Contact lenses take some getting used to, but when you talk to professionals first, and make sure they are properly fitted and right for your eye, they should feel natural and comfortable in no time at all. There are thousands of contact lens-wearers in Brampton. Schedule and appointment with SpecX Optical today to have your eyes tested and fitted for contact lenses.

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