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Why Eye Exams are Important in the GTA

Eye exams are an important component of overall health maintenance for people in Brampton, but many people, unfortunately, aren’t fully aware of just how important they are. Even for people who don’t necessarily have vision problems, or for people who think they likely have perfect, or 20/20 vision, having regular eye checkups is vital. Eye exams are necessary because:
  • • They help to catch eye diseases in early stages, meaning you can’t act to prevent long-term damage
  • • They keep you up to date on your eye alignment or any evolving structural issues
  • • They help you ensure that you have and are wearing glasses and contacts as required
  • • They allow you to constantly be updating your prescription for your various vision aids as need be
  • • They inform you whether or not you are a candidate for something like Lasik or other vision surgeries

Eye Exam Procedure

When you get an eye exam with SpecX Optical, the first step is to call and schedule an appointment. Out staff will ensure that we plan a time that works for you. After scheduling your exam, just show up and we’ll take care of the rest. Part of our commitment to customer service excellence means that we always strive to be on time.

Simple & Comprehensive

Simply provide the prerequisite personal and health information and let our competent, friendly optometrists do the rest. Our exams range from basic to comprehensive, are eligible for OHIP eye exam coverage if you are between the ages of 19 and 65, are diabetic, or suffering from any eye disease or related vision complication.

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