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When you come into SpecX, you are always sure to find an unbeatable selection of fairly priced and stylish frames. It pays to come in and see the professionals at SpecX for your glasses needs. We will help you pick out frames and colours that look the best based on your face and eye shape. It is important that you have your measurements taken by professionals, rather than rely on online shopping that simply asks you to guess the diameter between your eyes, and provides “rough” measurements.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are ones which have vertically polarized filters in them to help reflect the sunlight off of surfaces like windows and mirrors. They are essential for people spending long periods of time in the sun, and can make driving, outdoor activities, and just simple day-to-day living much more enjoyable and high resolution. SpecX’s glasses selection has been providing high quality polarized lenses to the people of Brampton for years.

Blue Light Filters

Many of our customers also come to us because they are looking for high quality blue light lenses. Blue light is the part of the natural light spectrum. There is blue light in sunlight, as well as LED lights, and light emitted from digital screens like phones, laptops etc. Blue light filters in your lenses are incredibly important, especially if you spend several hours per day looking at a computer or phone screen. Let’s face it: most of us do. It is important to think about blue light filters for the following reasons:

  • It contributes to macular degeneration
  • It strains your eyes
  • It can throw off your sleeping and result in insomnia

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Welcome to SpecX Optical, a trusted name in eyecare in Brampton, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Come and see the difference experience, high quality products, and highly experienced people make to your vision, your look, and your overall quality of life.

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